Model 76 Application Notes

Packaging is always a concern in choosing the right short haul modem or interface converter. In many situations stand-alone units hanging off of data devices are quite appropriate. However, there are many settings where it may be more convenient to have the modems and/or interface converters mounted as cards in a card cage. This is particularly true for the heavy industrial environment. Here a card cage be more convenient since in this situation you often have a single computer communicating with many data devices, like automated tools, spread out on the factory floor.

The Model 76 Card Cage System is a series of fully integrated enclosures which accept various Telebyte modules. Fully connectorized backplanes allow modules to be inserted or withdrawn without disturbing rear cabling. There is a master power supply for all modules with the option of dual redundant power supplies for increased reliability. The basic Module 76 Card Cage System has 14 module slots and a power supply. With a redundant power supply the available module slot capability is reduced to 11.

The illustration above shows one of the Model 76 series, the Model 76-7 in a typical application. Here we have a Multi-user Computer on the left communicating with Computer Work Stations on the right. The Multi-user Computer has many ports-each communicating with a separate Computer Work Station.

The data interface at both the Multi-user Computer and the Computer Work Stations is RS-232. However, to get better protection from interference as well as extended distance it decided to have to communications effected by EIA-530 signaling. Interface conversion is needed at both the Multi-user Computer side and the Computer Work Station side. Multiple card versions of the interface converter - in this case the Model 267-1 and Model 267-2 are quite attractive to handle all of the ports of the Multi-user Computer. These can be conveniently packaged in the Model 76-7 Card Cage shown. This particular card cage has a power supply module which is a dual redundant assembly. It has higher reliability.
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