Model 72A Specifications  

Interface: Conforms to EIA RS-232 and CCITT V.24 specifications. Pin 4 connected to Pin 5; Pins 6, 8, and 20 connected together. Pins 2 and 3 Transmit/Receive Data, switch selectable. Pin 7 Signal Ground

Connectors: RS232, 25 pin male or female (as ordered); 4-wire line, screw terminals and modular phone jack, RJ11. Power is 3.5mm plug

Data Rate: 0-19.2 KBPS

Transmission: Asynchronous; full duplex-two twisted pairs; simplex-one twisted pair. Current loop 12 ma via optical couplers. Conforms with Bell System Publication 43401

Operating Distance: The following table gives maximum distance as a function of data rate.

Data Rate
19.2 9.6 4.8 2.4 1.2
1 2 3 5 10

Surge Protection: Built-in on 4 wire line

MTBF: 663,000 Hours (76 Years)

Power: Model 72A 115V, 60Hz, 0.1A; 220V, 50Hz Optional

Size: 3.5"L (89mm) x 2.2"W (56mm) x 1"H (25mm) (plus wall mounted transformer)

Environment: 0 to 50 C, 0% to 95% RH


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