Model 265 Application Notes

The industrial environment often has situations where machine tools, instruments and other data devices are being employed in the manufacturing process and are under the control of a PC. This control can be brought about by connecting the PC and these devices using data communications. However, interface conversion is usually needed to realize the connection. The debarkation point at the PC for data is usually through an RS-232 interface. On the other hand the tools, instruments and other devices may employ the RS-422 interface as the debarkation point. This uses differential signaling to combat the high electrical interference prevalent when high current machinery - often found in this environment - is in operation.

The Model 265 is very attractive for carrying out the interface conversion in this type of environment. Along with the basic conversion feature - which is full duplex - it can withstand voltage surges of up to 10 kV. This is important. Surges are a common occurrence on the manufacturing floor due to the prevalence of electrical equipment. Without the type of protection provided by the Model 265 surges can damage data devices. The Model 265 also provides isolation. This allows different data equipment - like the PC and instruments - to be connected to different electrical grounds, without the need to worry about inaccuracies caused by ground currents.

The Model 265 can also be used in pairs to provide a needed data communication link. In doing this it doubles the isolation protection.

The illustration above shows one application of the Model 265. Here a PC is linked to a tool having an RS-422 interface and located up to 4,000 feet away.


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