Great prices on RS232 to RS422 Interface Converter, db9 connector, full duplex, surge protection


Model 253 - RS-232 to RS-422 Interface Converter

  • DB9 Data Port
  • Compatible with PC/386/486
  • Full Duplex
  • Surge Protection


Product Description

Adding an RS-422 interface to a PC is now a snap. The Model 253 Interface Converter does this for full duplex signals at data rates up to 19.2 KBPS, without requiring any AC or DC power. With only TD, RD and ground, the Model 253 provides operation over 8,000 feet of twisted pair into a load of 120 Ohms. The Model 253 features a female DB9 connector, thus allowing it to be plugged directly into any one of the PC's Com ports. When using the Model 253 in this mode the DTE/DCE switch is positioned to the DCE position.

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