Great prices on RS232 to RS422 interface converter, 2 Wire with LCD Display, dte dce switch, implements low cost LAN


Model 366 - RS-232 to RS-485 2 Wire with LCD Display

  • DataSpy« Status Display
  • Implements Low Cost LAN
  • Supports 32 Users
  • Uses Single Twisted Pair
  • External DTE/DCE Switch
  • Programmable Contention
  • Selectable Termination


Product Description

The Model 366 allows interfacing RS-232 based equipment with networks/equipment using RS-485. Transmission and reception of data to and from the network is programmable using dip switches and the RS-232 control signals RTS (Request to Send) and CTS (Clear to Send). In order to establish an orderly flow of data on the single twisted pair, the Model 366 offers three choices of data flow control. The user must select the mode which avoids the contention problem and the possible collision of data caused by two devices attempting to transmit simultaneously. In the Model 366 the RTS (Pin 4) and CTS (Pin 5) signals of the RS-232 connector are jumpered together. This combined signal, which will be referred to as RTS, is used to control the transmitter and, depending on the mode, can also control the receiver. There are four line terminating resistors, dip switch selectable to match the twisted pair being used.

The Model 366 includes Telebyte's unique patent pending DataSpy LCD display, which provides the user with important status information regarding the operation of the device. This LCD operates from less than one milli-watt of power thereby not affecting the operation of the Model 366. The LCD is extremely useful during the installation and checkout and whenever there are suspected problems. The graphic display presents the user with live status of the transmit and receive data signals, TD and RD, and control signals, CTS, RTS, DSR, DCD and DTR.

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