Model 8381 - RS-422 Opto Isolation Module

  • Opto Isolation
  • Built-in Power Supply
  • 115.2 KBPS Data Rate
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Full Duplex
  • Programmable Terminations


Product Description

The Model 8381 RS-422 Opto Isolator allows re-generating and extending the distance of RS-422 networks while maintaining optical isolation between the ports. Model 8381 allows for the extension of RS-422 links to a maximum limit of 3,300 feet or 1 km at any data rate up to 115 KBPS. Full-duplex transmission is accommodated on two twisted pairs.

The Model 8381 includes TD and RD LED's as well as a built-in power supply. The power input is 110 Volts/60 Hz. All the inputs and outputs are via screw terminals located on the top and side surfaces of the device.

A full complement of dip switches are provided for pull up and pull down resistors on all received data lines as well as terminating loads for transmitters and receivers. The user also as the ability to configure the grounding scheme for the four-wire links.


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