Digital Subscriber Line Technology


The idea for writing an introductory book on Digital Subscriber Line technology was first brought to me by Gail Nelson. Her initial proposal was just to concentrate on the subject of test equipment and in particular, wireline simulators. However, Michael Breneisen suggested that the work go beyond this focus and address the subjects of signaling devices and DSLAMs.

The detailed technical material in this work was obtained by researching many sources. A complete and particular acknowledgement of every source would have led to a plethora of footnotes. The reader often finds diversion to these an unwelcome distraction. As a result, I avoided their use. However, even with this intent I would be at fault if I did not give specific credit to the references given in the 'Bibliography.' I leaned in these heavily.

Ken Krechmer (Action Consulting, Palo Alto, California) was particularly helpful in directing me to needed references. His encyclopedic knowledge of Digital Subscriber Line technology is truly impressive.

Pat O'Hara served as both editor and graphic artist. She literally performed magic in taking my typed manuscript and turning it into this finished document.

Tony Horber took time from a busy product development schedule and checked the work for technical accuracy. I am indebted to him.


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