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1. Introduction
    1.1 The Fundamental Problem of Communications
    1.2 The Transmission Medium- Attenuation Constraints
    1.3 The Transmission Medium- Interference Constraints
    1.4 The Transmission Medium- Bandwith Constraints
    1.5 DSL Keeps Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Copper Cable Attractive as a Premises Transmission Medium
    1.6 A Brief History of DSL
    1.7 Program

2. xDSL Modems: Fundamentals and Flavors
    2.1 The Simple DSL Transceiver
    2.2 The Many Flavors of DSL
        2.2.1 IDSL
        2.2.2 The HDSL Family: HDSL, SDSL, MSDSL, and HDSL2
        2.2.3 The ADSL Family: ADSL, MDSL, RADSL, and Splitterless DSL
        2.2.4 VDSL

3. The Role of the DSLAM

4. Virtual DSL: The Role of the DSL Simulator

5. Standards

6. DSL Glossary


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