Fiber Optic Communications for the Premises Environment


The idea for writing a monograph on the subject of fiber optic data communications was proposed to me many times by my assistant, Gail Nelson.

The material in this work was derived from my constant perusal of many diverse sources spread over my years in engineering. I apologize for not providing a precise acknowledgment of every source. However, it would have led to a clutter of footnotes. I know that this often makes for tedious reading and did not want to burden the reader. Nonetheless, I would not feel comfortable unless specific credit is given to those publications listed as 'References.' If, on occasion, I paraphrased any of these works too closely it should be taken in the most complimentary manner.

Pat O'Hara assisted me in taking a typed manuscript and putting it in final form complete with graphics, photographs and other illustrations. Pat carries out this task for all of my publications. She never complains when I come to her with last minute changes. Her cooperation is really appreciated. I can truthfully say this work would not have been completed without her assistance. Note to Pat, we'll soon begin another effort.

Thanks to Doug Honikel for having incorporated this onto our website.

Tony Horber and Bob Ravenstein (Bomara, Inc.) checked the work for technical accuracy. This was a particularly stressful task especially when it led to protracted discussions on certain points. I am indebted to them for their efforts.

Professor Nicholas DeClaris first introduced me to communications engineering while I was an undergraduate at Cornell University. Professor DeClaris, now of the University of Maryland, inspired me with his love for teaching and research. Dr. Irvin Stiglitz later sharpened my communications engineering and technical writing skills while he was my Group Leader at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory. Needless to say, it is a lot easier to reach Irv's high standards these days with word processing.

Thanks to Lightwave Magazine and MRV Communications for use of the illustration for the cover.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Diane, my children Andrew, Jessica and Rachel, my mother and father, Lillian and Irving Schneider and my, close, life long, friends Seth Stowell, Jamil Sopher and Joel Goldman. In different ways each gave me encouragement over the years. Without this support I would have never have reached this point.

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