Model 201F - RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver

  • Operates with only Pins 2(TD), 3(RD), & 7(GND)
  • Screw Terminals and RJ-11
  • DTE/DCE Switch
  • Built in Surge Protection
  • Male or Female RS-232
  • 19.2 KBPS, Full Duplex, 2.1 Miles


Product Description

The Model 201 RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver requires only TD, RD, and signal ground for power and full duplex operation up to 19.2 K BPS. The Model 201 is equipped with screw terminals and an RJ-11 connector to offer the user a choice of termination for the four wire line. Future changes in site wiring are, therefore, also easily accommodated. The DTE/DCE switch allows reversing of pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 connector to accommodate computers, terminals and multiplexers. Surge protection for the four wire line is also built in.

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Great price on rs232 line driver with rj11 connector, surge protection, auto powered.