Great prices on RS232 fiber optic modems, short haul modems, line drivers and more.


Telebyte offers a large family of Short Haul Modems/Line Drivers using protocols that include ASYNC, SYNC, HDSL and T1/E1. Choose from wire or fiber, full duplex and handshake, and an assortment of speeds. Our versatile product line offers LCD displays, built-in surge protection, and DTE/DCE switches. Features include DIN Rail mounting, optical isolation, external powering, power stealing, as well as RS-232 and RS 422 interfaces.

Externally Powered

Model 72A

Optically Isolated Line Driver - 4 Wire, Powered

Model 224 RS-232 Line Driver with Control Signals and LCD Display
Power Stealing


Model 201 RS-232 Auto Powered Line Driver
Model 209 RS-232 Micro Line Driver - DB9 Connector
Model 227 RS-232 High Speed Line Driver with LCD Display


Model 271 RS-232 Fiber Optic Auto Powered Line Driver

Model 9271

RS-232 Fiber Optic Auto Powered Line Driver - DB9 connector

Model 8277 RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Fiber Optic Line Driver DIN Rail Mounted




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